GOLDOC chairman Peter Beattie has admitted Commonwealth Games bosses got it wrong with last night's controversial closing ceremony

The event at Metricon Stadium was criticised for not focusing on athletes and for its telecast skipping the arrival of the competitors, something which was called 'wrecking a tradition'.

In a series of early morning tweets, Peter Beattie addressed criticisms.



"Closing Ceremony; we wanted athletes to be part of and enjoy the Closing Ceremony. However, having them come in to the stadium in the pre show meant the TV audience were not able to see the athletes enter the stadium, alongside flag bearers. We got that wrong," he said.

"This decision to bring the athletes into the stadium before the broadcast was operationally driven given there were restrictions on being able to keep the athletes waiting in comfort. We were driven by the welfare of athletes."

Mr Beattie, also agreed with criticism that speeches from dignitaries, including himself went too long.

"The speeches were too many and too long. I was part of that and I acknowledge it. Again, we got that wrong," he said.

"It is very simple, I should not have spoken".