40 YEARS: Longest employees Terry Politch and Julie Colley cut the birthday cake.
40 YEARS: Longest employees Terry Politch and Julie Colley cut the birthday cake.

40 years of empowering people living with disabilities

FOR 40 years the Endeavour Foundation has empowered people living with disabilities in Warwick to join the workforce and love what they do.

Endeavour Foundation Business Solutions on Activity St celebrated its 40th anniversary and associated achievements this week with a barbecue lunch and plenty of cake to go around.

Endeavour Warwick’s longest serving employee and supervisor or Terry Politch said the reason why people stay around is because they love coming to work.

“We have truck drivers, forklift operators and all kinds of jobs for everyone, and if they didn’t love working here they simply wouldn’t show up to work,” he said.

Employee for 23 years Jeffrey Rogers began work at Endeavour through work experience in high school.

“I meet new people, I go on trucks, I do the best job ever,” he said.

The site has seen many changes, opening on November 17, 1979.

It began as an activity therapy centre to teach people life skills and now recycles a football field’s worth of landfill per month.

“They love working here because we involve them in every single process and all the decision making,” Mr Politch said.

“We always had recycling of some description and in the 31 years I’ve been here the more money we’ve received the more we’ve been able to add and do.”

The site grew into what is now Warwick’s largest employer for people with disabilities.

Volunteer John Davis who addressed the visitors at the celebration said it was due to the dedication and persistence of Endeavour’s volunteers.

“West of the range we get forgotten unless you make a lot of noise and that’s what we did over the years,” Mr Davis said.

The celebration was held under the site’s new cover shed to fight off heat, an addition seven years in the making.

“It’s what we do, we persist and now we have a place where our guys appreciate the jobs they have and we appreciate the work they do.”