60 Minutes' Tara Brown and crew to face judge in Lebanon

AN AUSTRALIAN 60 Minutes crew detained in Lebanon over an alleged plot to abduct two Australian children are expected to appear before a judge tonight.

The Nine Network crew, led by presenter Tara Brown, have been locked up alongside Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner in Beirut.

They were reporting on the search for Ms Faulkner's children, whom she claims were kidnapped by her former husband and taken to Lebanon.

Police are expected to lay charges against seven people, including four Nine Network employees.

Nine people were initially arrested but two have been released.

The Today Show reported the channel's bosses had hired a top criminal lawyer to represent the crew.

Nine has not commented on claims it paid $115,000 to a child recovery team, whose operators are also under arrest.

The region where the children were snatched is a known stronghold for Lebanese military forces Hezbollah and Amal.