Mountain and Moon Sitara earrings, $145, various gold rings from $62.30
All available from Mountain and Moon,
Mountain and Moon Sitara earrings, $145, various gold rings from $62.30 All available from Mountain and Moon,

'80s glamour trend means bold and beautiful jewellery

If you've long been resigned to understated jewellery, now is the time to be bold.

Mountain and Moon founders Audrey Allen and Ashton Cameron say the fashion world's current affinity with '80s style is leading to the return of exaggerated jewellery, and they love it.

"Trends in fashion come full circle and are currently very influenced by '80s glamour and bold shapes,” Audrey says.

"We don't feel like the idea of statement jewellery was ever out of style, but it's definitely becoming more popular.”

Ashton says the wonderful thing about jewellery is that is if it's in neutral hues of gold, silver or bronze, it will always match your outfit and lift your overall look.

"Jewellery honestly goes with everything. It is there to accentuate your outfit and becomes an amazing way to express yourself and your mood,” Ashton says.

"You can wear something fairly simple and add some statement earrings or layered chains and it transforms the look completely.

"Otherwise you can go all out, and keep your style extra and the jewels just add to this aesthetic.

"Mountain and Moon style is luxe statement jewels, exotic in design, focusing on textures and stones. The jewellery draws influence from opulent glamour and antique finishings.”

Audrey says many people dabble in decoration after dark, but there's no reason statement earrings, necklaces or rings can't be worn during the day.

"We want women to disconnect from the idea that bold statement jewellery can only be worn at night or at an event,” Audrey says. "Don't be afraid of wearing something bigger and bolder for an everyday look.

"You may feel like its too much at the beginning but little by little you will work your way up to building this into your style and rocking it with confidence.”

Ashton advises to pick out jewellery in colours and stones that you already love to add some familiarity to your new style.

"Choose jewels that you are personally drawn to and evoke a sense of happiness, then you just need to experiment with different styles and designs to find what works for you for each look.”