The Killarney Cutters will not have a competition to play in for 2018.
The Killarney Cutters will not have a competition to play in for 2018. Kim Micke

A 'sad day' for rugby league with BRL announcement

RUGBY LEAGUE: The future of the Border Rugby League is in grave doubt after it was announced the 2018 competition would not take place.

An AGM was held on Wednesday night regarding the future of the 21-year league, however only two clubs, the Stanthorpe Gremlins and Tenterfield Tigers, could form committees.

BRL president Norm Crisp said it was a sad day for rugby league in the area.

"Because only two clubs have committees formed, the competition will go into recess until further notice,” Crisp said.

"Unfortunately Inglewood and Killarney couldn't get committees in place for 2018.

"Texas were hopeful of fielding a team, but they couldn't guarantee numbers.

"It wouldn't have mattered, as they would've only been the third team.”

Despite the heartbreaking news, Crisp said there would still be hope the competition can re-form in the future.

"In mid-2018 we'll get into conact with various people from the clubs about 2019, and will make a decision on the future,” he said.

"I'm hopeful, but not optimistic.

"Once we get through this stage, it is hard to re-form. I have my doubts unfortunately.”

The Killarney Cutters are a side that won't participate on the field in 2018, however committee member John Towells said he is hopeful it wouldn't be the end.

"It's hard to find volunteers, and getting people to step up is one of the biggest problems,' Towells said.

"With the year recess it might get people keen to help.

"Other clubs have had a year out before, realise what they missed and come back again.

"It can take something like this to get everybody thinking.”