Bev Lacey

'Adjustment disorder' blamed for attack on cops: Court

THE move from his native Tasmania to Kingsthorpe had left a 62-year-old man with "adjustment disorder" causing him stress and leading to him attacking police officers, Toowoomba Magistrates Court has been told.

Adrian Maxwell Heazlewood had been in a relationship with a woman for two years leading to his selling up the family property in Tasmania and reluctantly moving to Queensland.

Stresses from the relationship and the move had led to him going missing from the Kingsthorpe home on December 1 and his partner had called police.

Two days later, police came upon a distressed Heazlewood who ran at them armed with a piece of timber, police prosecutor Leea Trewin said.

Swinging the timber and yelling at police, he was told to drop the weapon and when he didn't he was tasered.

However, the taser didn't stop him and a struggle with officers ensued during which he had kicked out, Senior Constable Trewin said.

After being restrained, he was taken to hospital and sedated, she said.

Heazlewood pleaded guilty to serious assault of police while armed and to assaulting and obstructing police.

His solicitor Nathan Bouchier said his client had no criminal history at all and that this was out of character for him.

His client had since been diagnosed with adjustment disorder and as soon as he sorted out his affairs here he intended moving back to Tasmania, he said.

Magistrate Kay Ryan said the offences were serious and sentenced Heazlewood to four months in jail but ordered the term be suspended in full to hang over his head for 12 months.