Advanced Aquarium Technologies designed and built the tanks in Denmark's national aquarium.
Advanced Aquarium Technologies designed and built the tanks in Denmark's national aquarium. Contributed

Advanced Aquarium Technologies delivers on $150m aquarium

A SUNSHINE Coast company has taken a taste of magical marine life to Europe in a $150 million project.

Advanced Aquarium Technologies was responsible for building the tanks for Europe's largest aquarium, which opened in Denmark recently.

With 70 display and 160 quarantine tanks, the massive Den Bla Planet national aquarium - that's the Blue Planet in English - includes seven separate exhibits and holds three times the volume of water of UnderWater World.

More than 20,000 fish and ocean animals, two anacondas, Amazonian parrots and puffins bring a wild side to this latest European attraction.

The amazing metal-clad structure has been admired by aquarists, marine lovers and architects alike, who are in awe of the man-made project that harmonises with nature inside and out.

AAT business development manager Zac Gill said the company won a $30 million contract to design and build the tanks for the aquarium.

"The Den Bla Planet was a four-year project for AAT from the initial award of the contract, through to design, construction commissions and completion which AAT operated and trained the Danish aquarists to effectively manage Den Bla Planet," Mr Gill said.

The building itself has been described as the world's most beautiful aquarium.

The Danish project followed a busy five years for the Coast company which has also worked on some of the world's biggest aquariums in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The team installed the world's largest acrylic viewing window at the Resorts World aquarium on Sen-tosa Island in Singapore.

It was 38 metres by 8.3 metres by 720mm and weighed 260 tonnes.

AAT has secured contracts in China, Taiwan, Croatia and Switzerland.