Toowoomba business builds path to better posture

POSTURAL issues and muscle tension are common side effects of modern life, but an age-old technique could bring respite to Toowoomba residents.

Michael Gleeson, who opened his Herries St business Alexander Technique Toowoomba last year, uses the Alexander Technique to help clients recognise and combat negative physical habits.

"It's a way of becoming more aware of unknown tension which is interfering with easy movement," Mr Gleeson said.

"We all tend to carry a lot of unnecessary tension around and we are largely unaware of it because it builds up slowly.

"The process of having lessons helps to release some of that tension and gives you an experience of how you can move in a different way."

Mr Gleeson came across the 120 year old technique while working as a physiotherapist.

"I worked for a few years (as a physiotherapist) and just felt something more could be added," Mr Gleeson said.

"I snooped around a bit and stumbled across the Alexander Technique - for me it felt right.

"I went off and trained to become an Alexander teacher and I've been teaching it since 1990, interspersed with other jobs."

Mr Gleeson moved to Toowoomba last year from Broken Hill.

He said the Alexander Technique worked to correct the underlying causes rather than provide treatment for symptoms.

Alexander Technique Toowoomba : Alexander Technique available in Toowoomba from Michael Gleeson.
Alexander Technique Toowoomba : Alexander Technique available in Toowoomba from Michael Gleeson.

"If you are prepared to put into practice what you are learning, you will improve," he said.

"In the process of that, a lot of people find a variety of things improve, particularly muscular-skeletal aches and pains."

After six months of operation, Mr Gleeson said his business was growing.

"Business is starting to build-up and I've just hired an evening at DeMolay House to do some introductory classes, starting in February," he said.

The classes will be held from 6pm-7pm on Thursdays starting from February 6.

Bookings are essential.

For more information on the lessons, or to book a private appointment with Mr Gleeson, contact him on 0400299407.