OPINION: Attention needed on Eight Mile intersection

THERE has been much debate following the recent Federal Budget about whether or not a fix is needed for the deadly Eight Mile intersection.

While it would appear there has been a shift in public opinion on the section of road's need for an upgrade, there are still some strong views in support.

It has been nearly two years since a fatality on the infamous stretch of road, but does that mean the road is safe and doesn't need a fix?

With a growing number of people visiting the region, and traffic on the stretch of road sure to increase, surely something should be done before there is another fatality.

The finger has been pointed a lot at human error and ''idiot'' drivers and, while that may be the case a lot of the time, do those people deserve to die for, for example, an error of judgment in time and distance?

There are daily reports of near misses and stupid behaviour putting lives at risk. Is that not enough of a call to action to make the road safer?

A commitment by the Labor government to put together a business case is a step in the right direction.

But this has to be followed through to get the funding for the fix.

All the while the clock ticks down to the inevitable question of not if, but when, there will be another fatality.