Belle Vue Cafe owner Mark Favero has some exciting plans in the pipeline for 2018.
Belle Vue Cafe owner Mark Favero has some exciting plans in the pipeline for 2018. Jonno Colfs

Belle Vue with an eye on the future

HAVING established their reincarnation of Warwick's long-standing Belle Vue Cafe as one of the more popular cafe spots in town, Mark and Rosie Favero are showing no signs of slowing down.

This month the couple celebrate six years since they purchased and started operating the cafe and are sitting on some exciting plans for 2018.

Mr Favero said the business owed its success to the staff and consistency.

"It think a lot of it comes down to the girls on the front counter,” he said.

"They are the face of the business and they're a great team.

"We've been really lucky with our team over the years, and have managed to have a low staff turnover, which helps.”

On their fifth anniversary last year, the couple, self-confessed deli-lovers opened Pickle and Must, in the vacant store next to the Belle Vue.

Now with both businesses well-settled and humming along, the couple are looking ahead.

"We've got some pretty exciting things in the works and should know more in the next few weeks,” Mr Favero said.

"Essentially we're looking at expanding a few things across both businesses and have a few different ideas that we're working on.

"One will certainly be looking more at catering and functions within the cafe.”

Six years ago, the Favero's wanted a changed of scenery.

Mark had been running the kitchen at the Gunyah Restaurant on and off for 13 years and decided it was time to follow their dream of opening their own place.

Initially the idea was to open a restaurant, and the couple considered fitting out their own place, but then began looking at established venues.

When the Belle Vue came on the market with its prime location and established kitchen, they jumped at it.

After a few months of negotiation, on March 1, 2012 the Favero's became the new owners of the Belle Vue Cafe.

They opened for business three weeks later on March 21.

"That first year was full on,” Mr Favero said.

"Luci was nine months old and Rosie was working full time in her job, paying the bills.

"We were here most nights and weekends, doing small renovations, fixing things and getting everything how we wanted it.”

By the end of the first year, the Favero's saw their hard work was beginning to pay off.

"We started to gain momentum and in the second year, were able to fine tune everything,” he said.

"The menu changed significantly from what it had been before we took over.

"We got away from the roasts and meals that would compete with the pubs in the area and their pokies and alcohol.

"We found the sandwiches and quick lunch meals were popular and focused on those things.”

Finding out what worked for them, the Favero's were able to cement their position in the Warwick cafe scene and today, while the work is still full on, find themselves with more time to take a break every now and then.

"Our staff have got a really good foothold on how everything operates, which frees us up occasionally,” Mr Favero said.

"It took a long time to get the businesses well and truly settled, but now they most certainly are, it's time to look ahead at what's next.”