FRESH IS BEST: Warwick gardener Krista Bjorn shares what’s come out of her garden this week, including some fresh veggies.
FRESH IS BEST: Warwick gardener Krista Bjorn shares what’s come out of her garden this week, including some fresh veggies.

BEST GIFT: Warwick gardener’s perfect birthday treat

IT’S a quiet afternoon on our farm as we wait for the sun to sink lower in the sky before we go out to do the end of day watering of gardens, orchards, and animals.

Every time I tap the sides of our water tanks and hear that reassuring thunk of water inside, I am grateful.

I hope so much that the predicted rains come soon, but until then, I will give thanks for every day we still have water.

It was my birthday this past week, so I worked hard to get all my website, social media, and photography work done early so we could have a long weekend of birthday fun.

We also fed the animals extra and made sure all their water troughs were topped up so we could actually have a day of no farm chores whatsoever.

Anyone living on the land knows that is the best possible birthday gift.

I thought long and hard about the food I wanted to eat most to celebrate my 46th year in this crazy, wonderful world, and at last settled on grilled banana prawns with lemony asparagus, and crispy roast potatoes.


Tomatoes picked fresh from Krista’s garden.
Tomatoes picked fresh from Krista’s garden.

Then we had vanilla panna cotta with apple caramel sauce for dessert, and a few cherry liqueur chocolates with coffee. Such a scrumptious birthday celebrated with Bear, my favourite human.

We had fun perusing op shops and hobby shops looking for things to add to the model train set and dollhouse we’re building.

We love making things together, so we had a grand time sussing out treasures that would fit perfectly with the dreams we have for these projects.

After all the jolly times, it was good to return home, spirits refreshed and bodies restored.

The gardens are plugging along through this dreadful heat and no rain, and I’m so thrilled every day I go out and there’s something ready for us or our animals to eat.

We’re loving the variety of tomatoes we get to feast on, plus beans, silverbeet, sugar snap peas, blueberries, asparagus, and finally, eggplants and chillies.

Our baby apples are now a couple of inches across and the protective net bags I ordered just arrived in time to cover them and keep them safe from marauding birds who like to eat them all before we get a chance.

I love seeing them thrive in spite of less than ideal conditions.