The best lover has a beard, say women from 22 countries

A DATING website for cheaters claims women from 22 countries agree that their perfect lover would a beard.

According to a survey from the Victoria Milan site, the ideal male lover "is tall, elegantly dressed and has smouldering eyes.

These men should also ideally have a sense of humour, be kind and romantic and have either a beard or a moustache.

A quarter of women said they preferred facial hair, while less than one-tenth wanted a clean shaven mate.


On the flip side, men are looking for women who are "kind, funny and youthful".

A woman with "a mature personality" is  considered unpopular.

It should be noted here that only members of the cheating site were surveyed, so that could skew the results somewhat.

Victoria Milan founder Sigurd Vedal suggests -- unsurprisingly perhaps -- that cheating on your spouse or lover is a great way to live out your fantasies.

"While men imagine themselves with a bombshell with long hair, women are fantasising about an elegant, stylish gentleman with a beard," he said.

"The perfect lover doesn't have to have the qualities you look for in a life partner - they need to be someone you can have a fantastic adult adventure with."

The poll quizzed 9127 male and female members of the Victoria Milan site from Australia, Belgium, South Africa, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia, France, Portugal, New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, Austria, Italy, United Kingdom and Czech Republic.