Brazil's top security assumed control for Rio 2016 Games

BRAZIL'S top security force has officially assumed control at the venues for the Rio 2016 Games.

The Forca Nacional, a federal cooperation between various Brazilian public security forces, will monitor the interiors and surroundings of the venues that will host the Olympic and Paralympic competitions in August and September. Along with the Forca Nacional, the federal police and 20 other bodies will coordinate to provide security for the events.

Brazilian authorities have promised there will be a security force of about 85,000 on the ground during the Games.

Unfortunately, there would appear good reason for such precautions, with murders and muggings on the rise in Rio de Janeiro in recent months.

Recently there was a gunfight at a hospital that has been recommended to tourists coming for the Games, and last month Australian Paralympian Liesl Tesch and her physiotherapist were robbed of their bicycles at gunpoint in the Brazilian city.

In May, Spain's Olympic gold-medal winning sailor Fernando Echavarri was robbed at gunpoint in Rio as he walked to breakfast.

He said he was lucky to escape with his life.

Violence has long been a problem in Rio city, which is plagued by severe social inequality and conflicts between police, drug cartels and militias.