FIRE FEARS: Eric Ranga and Lesley Southee at the sales
FIRE FEARS: Eric Ranga and Lesley Southee at the sales

Bushfires fears flamed at livestock sales

LAST time a fire came, it was only three streets away from Eric Ranga's The Summit property.

This time, no one's sure where the trail of destruction will end.

Eric Ranga was at Wednesday's pig and calf sales with Clifton's Lesley Southee and both were cautious about what nearby burns at Spicer's Lodge would mean if they travelled further inland.

Six weeks ago, Mr Ranga had almost lost his home in Granite Belt fires

"They were all around the back of them so thank goodness it went the other way then," Ms Southee said.

Although, her optimism wasn't so apparent today.

"We're both very scared," she said.

Meanwhile, Neil Robinson and Nigel Watson said he blamed the widespread fires across NSW and Queensland on aggravating drought and a lack of backburning.

"Look at Inglewood lately, look at the massive timber and dryness out there," Mr Robinson said, "If it gets into that, there's nothing that will stop it. We're coming out of winter in a seven year drought, so really, what do they expect?"