DAY MADE: Gerda Reid with Senior Constable Pavey.
DAY MADE: Gerda Reid with Senior Constable Pavey. Elizabeth Anderson

Centenarian pulled over by police

MOST people doing 104 in the middle of Yamba would be pretty nervous if pulled over by police.

Not so for Gerda Reid, who celebrated her 104th birthday on Sunday and was delivered a special message by a highway patrol officer.

"I knew she loved people in uniform and when I saw the officer I pulled over and asked him if he wouldn't mind wishing her a happy birthday,” Yannick Martin, a friend of Gerda's said.

In what can only be described as a touching display of community spirit, Senior Constable Pavy took the time to wait for the family to come back past after picking her up.

"He could quite easily have gone on his way but he waited around for us,” Gerda's daughter Elizabeth Anderson said.

"As soon as we came down, he came over and the rest is history.

"Mum was just thrilled to bits.”

It was a special moment for the centenarian, as she is someone who has always held members of the police force in very high regard.

"Her granddaughter is a police officer and my son, when growing up, always liked to dress up in a police uniform and wanted to be commissioner,” Elizabeth said.

"So I think it had special significance.”

At her birthday brunch plenty of attention was given to her great-grandchild Layla Flynn, who was born 100 years after Gerda's birth in 1915.

The pair have a special bond and Layla is "like a clone” according to Gerda's son Dennis Hale.