CLOUDY DAYS AHEAD: Watch for rain.
CLOUDY DAYS AHEAD: Watch for rain. Bev Lacey

Chance of spring showers as storm season heats up

STORM season is starting and with it comes the best chance of rain Warwick has seen in months.

Three rain events are on the cards over the next seven days, with the greatest chance for rain falling on Friday.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Lachlan Stoney said clouds were predicted to roll in today, bringing a slight chance of a small shower in the morning.

The greater probability of rain will begin Wednesday and gradually increase to a 60 per cent chance by the end of the week.

"There is a weather system forecast to come through Southern Queensland, forming in the west and moving east throughout the week,” Mr Stoney said.

"How much rain you receive will depend on the timing and how much moisture there is.

"It has the signal to suggest the rain could be widespread, it's something to watch.”

Up to 10mm is predicted for Friday.

Warwick historically receives a number of storms over spring as moisture begins to build in the air, according to Mr Stoney, but they can be notoriously difficult to predict.

Last October more than 120mm of rain fell over Warwick and the October average sits at 48mm.

"We often get these troughs coming through in lines of low pressure that sweep through from west to east,” he said.

"And in spring, the air high up in the atmosphere is drier and cold and it's that difference between the upper and lower atmospheres that gets the storms going.”