Claims 'House of Horrors' grandmother lives next to school

A GRANDMOTHER accused of attempting to kill two children in a house fire has reportedly moved next to a school. 

The Courier-Mail reported the woman, who was bailed but initially unable to be released, has found residence "metres from Ipswich West Primary School". 

The woman's bail is conditional on her having no direct contact with children. 

Her charges initially included two counts of attempting to kill a boy at some time between July 29, 2013, and February 28, 2014, and again on February 28 in 2014.

She was also charged with attempting to kill the boy's brother on February 28, and attempting to set fire to a building on the same date.

A sixth charge of interfering with the body of a corpse on September 27 this year came from events relating to the death of an infant.