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Convicted Warwick trafficker faces more criminal charges

A YOUNG Warwick dad who was sentenced for drug trafficking late last year has again faced court for drugs charges.

Jake William Dwan was placed on parole in October, after being charged with trafficking ice, ecstasy and marijuana in the Warwick area between June and July 2016.

But the now 22-year-old was taken into police custody three months ago and charged with further drug offences.

Dwan yesterday pleaded guilty in Warwick Magistrates Court to five charges, including possessing dangerous drugs and utensils and drug driving.

Police reportedly executed a search warrant at his home in June and uncovered 53g of marijuana and drug utensils.

Lawyer Shane Elliott said Dwan had long-standing drug problems and was addressing his addiction but he had relapsed.

"He has not gone back to selling drugs or any commercial use of drugs,” Mr Elliott said.

"He realises his drug use he needs to get hold of otherwise his four-year-old child is not going to see a lot of him.”

Mr Elliott said Dwan had continually used services to try and deal with his addiction and aimed to get back into the workforce.

As the offending occurred while Dwan was on parole, police prosecutor Steve de Lissa said he needed 'something hanging over his head'.

Sgt de Lissa suggested Dwan receive time in prison that was immediately suspended for three years.

Magistrate Bevan Manthey said Dwan had spent a fair bit of time in custody and wanted to avoid a sentence that was "crushing”.

"Jake's always had good support of family and it's a real problem when people come out of jail they're right to go and ready to make changes, but in a couple of weeks old mate comes knocking on the door again and they fall back into that conduct,” Mr Manthey said.

Dwan was sentenced to three months jail, which was suspended immediately for three years.

He was also disqualified from driving for one month.