Clarence Valley Conservation In Action's Scott Lenton at a recent toad night.
Clarence Valley Conservation In Action's Scott Lenton at a recent toad night.

Coronavirus brings toad season to an end

With restrictions on non-­essential travel and gatherings of people ramping up, the CVCIA Landcare Committee has decided to cancel all Friday night cane toading sessions until the restrictions related to COVID-19 are lifted.

Co-ordinator Scott Lenton via a Facebook post he wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who had participated a little or a lot in the cane toad control effort during this current season, whether that had been at a Friday night CVCIA Landcare toading event or conducting private collection on land in the Clarence Valley or any other area.

"Your efforts do make a difference on many levels and we are very appreciative that you have had a go. Don't stop toading," he said.


Mr Lenton said he would also like to thank all the landowners and land managers that had allowed CVCIA Landcare to access their land for Friday night sessions to check for, and remove, cane toads and "make a positive ­difference to our local ­environment that we all love so much".

"Thirdly, we would like to thank the toads for seemingly not breeding too much when we did get all the rain after Christmas," he said.

"While we did get some significant numbers of metamorphs on two Friday night sessions at Woombah and Ashby, the number of other toads across all of our localities this season was generally lower than recent seasons.

"We hope next season follows this trend of declining cane toad numbers. This data shows that manual collection makes a positive and significant difference."

Mr Lenton thanked the NSW Government Departments of Planning, Industry and Environment, North Coast Local Land Services and Primary Industries and Clarence Landcare Inc for their financial support or increased activity in the toad control space in NSW.

He said the continuing support of government and peak community-based organisations was essential to combat the spread of cane toads in NSW.

"At a personal level, I would like to thank my partner Vicki and our girls for their love and support in helping me co-­ordinate the Friday night toading campaign for CVCIA Landcare again this season," he said.

"Stay as healthy as possible, look after each other, and enjoy the opportunity to have a rest and prepare body and soul for another season of toading come October, or when the COVID-19 restrictions and the weather allow toading to recommence.

"Toad on!"