MINIMAL IMPACT: Quart Pot Creek was one of the main water sources during the Granite Belt fires.
MINIMAL IMPACT: Quart Pot Creek was one of the main water sources during the Granite Belt fires. Glenda Riley

Cost of fire on drought-ravaged dam to be revealed

WATER used for firefighting efforts in last weekend's Granite Belt fires won't 'be as severe as people anticipate', according to Southern Downs Mayor Tracy Dobie.

While the majority of the firefighting that took place over Friday, Saturday and Sunday used water from Quart Pot Creek and supplies from a QFES water tanker that filled 40 trucks, some water was still taken from Stanthorpe's main water supply, Storm King Dam.

Cr Dobie said the use of this water was necessary given the 'unprecedented' scale of the blaze.

"Priorities change and if a bushfire is going to impact our town like it did then that becomes our priority," she said.

The mayor said the extent of the water use would be revealed in the coming days.

"Let's just let this whole process finish first," she said.

"Because QFES was able to manage the water they've used as well as they did the impact will be quite minimal we anticipate. I wouldn't like to see residents overly concerned about that."

Cr Dobie also said that the fires would not bring forward the expected December/ January deadline for Stanthorpe.

"Council has already commenced the project to deliver emergency water and the construction on infrastructure.

"Even if we need to start water carting a couple of weeks early, we're well on track to have it ready."

While no state or federal plans had been put in place to replace the town water used in the blaze, Acting Premier Jackie Trad said the state would work to replenish supplies as soon as possible.

"We will be getting an update further throughout the day, but the Premier made the commitment that all water that is being used, both private dams as well as drinking water, will be replenished by the state," Ms Trad said.

"We have needed to call upon them at this particular point in time to assist with our firefighting efforts, but we stand committed to replenishing all of those supplies when the time comes."

Ms Trad was due to visit the region this week but her trip was postponed.

For information on disaster recovery assistance, check out the Recovery Hub at the Stanthorpe Civic Centre, 61 Marsh St, open from 9-5pm, 7 days a week.