A wild dog roams the Warwick area.
A wild dog roams the Warwick area.

Councils band together against wild pests

A CO-investment model for pest management was proposed to regional and remote council delegates at the Local Government Association of Queensland conference on Tuesday.

Biosecurity Queensland chief officer Dr Jim Thompson said it was the start of big changes.

"There's enormous problems in parts of Queensland with wild dogs and prickly acacia," he said.

"We need to deal with them collectively.

"Currently funding is difficult for these types of projects, especially for wild dog action plans."

Dr Thompson said he wanted to see more than $5 million of funding go into wild dog fences, the Darling Downs Moreton Rabbit Board and the plague pest contingency fund.

"This plan would also involve regional sub-committees which would report back to the minister and the LGAQ to combat these issues."

Dr Thompson said landholders needed to be better supported with pest management strategies.

"This includes state land which takes up 62% of Queensland," he said.