Crook alternator couldn't stop Team Betta

Report 6: Anyway, Day 4 of Targa Tasmania 2015 has come to an end and Team Betta Warwick had a sensational day. 

The day started the same as yesterday, the battery light on and the battery not getting any charge.

A quick stop on the side of the highway and more modifications to the alternator post were made and we were set to go.

The first stage "Mole Creek" was cancelled and declared a drive through after it was found that someone had tipped a full bottle of oil on one of the corners. 

Clearly not everyone in Tasmania loves Targa.
Stage 22 "Cethania" was next on the agenda and the Team Betta Warwick Evo ate this piece of road up. 

Our time was fast but we still did not extend the car to its max. This event is a marathon after all.

Mark and Rod serviced the car after this stage and we set off to Stage 23 "Castra" and then stage 24 "Gunns Plains".

Now Gunns is one of the iconic stages of Targa Tasmania and this year it lived up to its reputation as being a piece of road that is hard to tame, but tame it we did.  Another fast time in the bank and off to Rob's favourite stage "Rianna".

Rianna is a fast and flowing stage with lots of crests and few that could see the car fly.  Peter was very straight up with Rob in informing him that Targa cars are not meant to fly and that all four wheels are to remain on the bitumen. (Could have got more of a response from a wall).

The time posted was fast and the action was furious during the stage.  Only one close call where we crested at speed, with the car getting a little air, only to find that a seven  left was a matter of 50m in front of us.  Brakes work well!!!!!

Lunch at Burnie was short and then onto the next iconic stage of the day "Hellyer Gorge".  This stage see the race teams wind down into the gorge and then back up out.

A 21km blast through some really challenging corners.  Again the Team Betta Warwick Evo was sensational and burnt up the bitumen.

The days penultimate stage was "Mt Black" and then off to the last stage of "Rosbery".  Both stages were challenging with water running out of the hills in spots, just to keep us on our toes.  Times were again fast and we were happy.

The day started with us in position 20 in class and it ended with us in position 12.  Not a bad effort.  If only we didn't have the penalty of missing a time control on day 2, but we did. - Peter Lane