GAP UPDATE: Cunningham Highway remains closed.
GAP UPDATE: Cunningham Highway remains closed.

CUNNINGHAM UPDATE: Highway closure continues

UPDATE 10AM: BUSHFIRES around the Cunningham Highway are preventing the road from reopening this morning.

The highway remains closed from Tregony through to Aratula.

The fires are burning through the Main Range National Park and present no threat to property at this time. 

One firefighting crew is on scene  

EARLIER: THE Cunningham Highway remains closed as crews monitor current fires.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Service (QFES) public information officer Matthew Mularoney said crews worked tirelessly to contain the blaze that flarred yesterday afternoon.

"Currently the fire is burning in inaccessible country, located deep within some of the gullies off the Cunningham Highway," Mr Mularoney said.

"It is burning in very difficult terrain which makes it difficult for crews to get in to stop all fires."

The highway will remain closed until it is safe for motorists despite fires in the Main Range National Park reduced to a notification level.

"The fire is not currently threatening the highway, however crews will reassess the situation this morning to determine if it is safe to open the highway again," he said.

"This morning has been quite benign, which has been good for crews who are working up there.

"Those fires in the national park are still going to burn and smoulder but they are currently not threatening."

While conditions have eased for crews, Mr Mularoney urged residents to remain alert for potential flares.

"If you are concerned of a flare up, call triple-0," he said.

"It is safer to send crews out to assess a situation, even if there is nothing than engaging with a full-scale fire."