WINDING UP: Allora's Matt Denny instructs Warwick Little Athletics athletes on how to throw a discus correctly.
WINDING UP: Allora's Matt Denny instructs Warwick Little Athletics athletes on how to throw a discus correctly.

Denny’s surprise for the next generation of sports stars

ATHLETICS: Returning to his junior stomping ground, Olympian Matthew Denny had the opportunity to impart some of his knowledge to future stars of the sport during a Little Athletics training session.

It's the first time in several months that the discus thrower has returned to the Southern Downs, reminiscing on the carnivals that helped him reach success so far.

"I really love doing this, and I just haven't been able to get home - I've been really busy trying to train," Denny said.

"It's pretty cool to come back and see what I did, and what it meant to me, and then see where I am now."

Currently training for the Tokyo Olympics in August, the Allora junior has his sights set on improving his performance during the 2016 games.

"The issue during 2016 was that we had a massive season, so the issue was trying to make the qualifier," he said.

"Now, we've actually had a good eight months of just preparation because we've practically qualified and throwing the distance the whole time.

"It's sort of become how far can we throw; not can we throw that far."

Placing 6th during the 2019 World Championships in Doha with a throw of 65.43m, Denny is confident he'll have the distance to perform against the world's best come August.

"I think it's pretty impossible to kick me out of that 32 in a period of six months, but you never know," he said.

With a keen eye on the competition heavy weights, Denny is hopeful that an extended international season will help reach his targets.

"The world leader and world champion from last year Daniel Stahl, he's obviously the favourite at the moment, then you've got Fredrick Dacres from Jamaica," he said.

"They're the two guys that are going to be hard to beat because they're both threw 70m last year, and they're sort of carrying good form.

"I have big expectations for this year, and it's just about connecting with training sessions and doing the right things - which we have been, it's just being patient and waiting till then."

Despite competing at international tournaments, the opportunity to work with local juniors puts the hard work into perspective.

"It's pretty awesome to come home and see all of these kids that were in my position back then and don't really know where they could take that or whatever they're doing," he said.

"It's more about teaching them how to persevere and find their way, and where they're going to go.