"Despicable” killer Brandon John Mischewski has hit the end of the line over stomping a man to death. QUEENSLAND POLICE SERVICE

Despicable killer's shocking final act to avoid death blame

FIRST he punched, kicked and stomped repeatedly on the head of Scott Frank Williams as he lay knocked out on a cold hard floor.

Then he tried to get out of his punishment for the violent killing by telling the Queensland Court of Appeal Mr Williams died of a drug overdose.

But today is the end of the line for "despicable" killer Brandon John Mischewski whose attempt to overturn his conviction for killing Mr Williams three years ago has failed.

Mischewski killed Mr Williams in a Buddina unit in January 2016 then went on the run.

He was arrested three days later for killing the 33-year-old over an unpaid debt.

A jury convicted Mischewski of unlawful striking causing death in December 2017.

He was sentenced to nine years and six months in prison with parole after serving 80 per cent of the sentence.

During sentencing, Justice Anne Lyons described his actions as "despicable".

Mischewski appealed the conviction claiming there was not enough evidence for him to be found guilty and that it was possible Mr Williams "died of a drug overdose".

The Queensland Court of Appeal rejected Mischewski's argument, saying the evidence showed that Mr Williams was punched, kicked and stomped on until he died.

When he is released, it is highly likely Mischewski will be deported. - NewsRegional