CAPTAIN: Caitlin Bassett of Australia in action.
CAPTAIN: Caitlin Bassett of Australia in action. DARREN ENGLAND

Diamonds countdown to World Cup finals in England

Opinion: Netball Chat with Linda Bunch

THE pointy end of the Netball World Cup is here.

I know many Warwick fans have ensured their various forms of technology are linked with their television, computer or phone to enable the viewing of the games live or in replay.

I enjoyed using my waiting time at an appointment this week with a game replay. I may have caused my fellow waiting room ladies a giggle or two at "the women with earphones yelling at her phone”. I believe the correct description is diehard fan.

Australia, New Zealand, England and South Africa are the top four countries who will take the honour of playing off for the gold medal and international recognition of World Cup title holders for the next four years.

Whilst these four countries are the confirmed semi-final contenders their finishing places won't be decided until the completion of round six in which the Australian Diamonds play New Zealand and England play South Africa.

Two of these teams will record their first loss for the tournament and there's no guessing no one wants that result next to their name.

I'm standing by my prediction (and hope) the World Cup will come home to Australia. I believe we should see an extremely close and strongly contested Australia verse England gold medal game.

I also predict there won't be a lot of sleep occurring in my house (and many others) in the very early hours of Monday morning when the gold medal game is played in England. Go Aussie Diamonds.

In local netball, junior fixtures will be played tomorrow at Scots PGC College.