Disability scheme brings chance for jobs

6th May 2017 11:14 AM
EMBRACING OPPORTUNITY: Chamber of Commerce vice president Dr Louise Clarke is joining forces with  local area coordinators Loy Tomsons and Kaye McCulloch to explore job opportunities from the National Disability Insurance Scheme. JOB GROWTH: Chamber of Commerce vice president Dr Louise Clarke (centre) joining with NDIS local area coordinators Loy Tomsons and Kaye McCulloch to find growth opportunities. Sophie Lester

WITH the National Disability Insurance Scheme rolling out across Queensland, coordinators and businesses alike are eager to build on the business opportunity the plan presents.

The Warwick Chamber of Commerce will host a meeting with local area coordinators Kaye McCulloch and Loy Tomsons on Monday night to share with members what the NDIS means for service providers and local business.

"The whole point of the NDIS is for people with a disability to have more control over the services they access, as the money is assigned to them and they decide how it is spent within an agreed upon plan,” Ms McCulloch said.

"We are working with the Chamber of Commerce to try and enlist support for those opportunities for businesses to grow as we have already identified that there are not enough people to carry out particular services, such as assisting people with a disability to go on social outings.

"It is also very difficult for people with a disability in Warwick and anywhere in Australia to get employment so we will be looking at what opportunities there are.”

Ms McCulloch said the next step would be to find people who are eligible to access NDIS, but haven't accessed similar schemes in the past.

"With the roll out we have already spoken to a lot of people who we were already aware of because they were accessing services already,” she said.

"What we're working toward now is finding those people who either haven't accessed them before or who have been at the top of a waiting list for a long time and get them to know what it's all about.”

More workshops are expected to be held throughout the year for service providers and people with a disability and their families to learn more about what help is available.

For more information, go to ndis.gov.au.