ARRESTED: A man has pleaded guilty to two charges at Warwick Magistrates Court.
ARRESTED: A man has pleaded guilty to two charges at Warwick Magistrates Court. Trevor Veale

Disgruntled man handcuffed after scuffle with cop

A MAN who grabbed hold of a cop's vest before saying he wanted to fight him told the Warwick court he'd turned his life around and wanted to be a disability support worker.

Grant Edward Charles Cook pleaded guilty at Warwick Magistrates Court this week to one count each of obstructing police and possessing utensils or pipes that were used.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan said an Allora police officer was doing patrols in February when he pulled up a car with Cook inside.

The court heard the officer could smell marijuana inside the car and asked Cook if the drug was inside a container he was holding.

"He said, 'No, I've already smoked it',” Sgt Wiggan said.

Sgt Wiggan said Cook started arguing with the cop about a previous incident then took hold of the officer's vest.

After a short struggle, and Cook saying he wanted to fight the cop, the 42-year-old man was handcuffed.

Sgt Wiggan told the court Cook had a history of drug offences.

But when it was Cook's turn to speak, he told Magistrate Jason Schubert he had turned his life around.

"I'm completely drug free, I'm trying to work with my doctor and change my career,” Cook said.

"I'm trying to get into being a disability support worker.”

Cook wrote a letter to the court outlining issues he had with a previous offence he had pleaded guilty to but Mr Schubert said it did not excuse his behaviour in February.

He understood Cook, who is from Murgon, could face consequences of having a conviction recorded for drug offences, but Mr Schubert said he still continued his behaviour.

With eight drug related offences on his history, Cook had never had a conviction recorded. Mr Schubert ordered his convictions be recorded this time and Cook was fined $600.