Dawson MP launches 'Don't cane Our Farmers' campaign.
Dawson MP launches 'Don't cane Our Farmers' campaign. Monique Preston

'Don't Cane Our Farmers': Plea to government

DAWSON MP George Christensen has today launched a campaign to support cane farmers as they fight back against the Queensland Government's proposed green reef laws.

The Don't Cane Our Farmers campaign online, on social media and in newspapers highlights the threats posed to an already heavily regulated industry by laws which could be introduced within weeks.

"It seems that the Queensland Labor government is looking for a scapegoat when it comes to any concerns raised about the Reef, and they want to introduce laws that directly target our sugar industry despite the years of proactive efforts of those who rely on the land for their living," Mr Christensen said.

"The laws being proposed by Queensland Labor will oppress farmers to such an extent that they will need to ask permission to farm on certain sections of their own farms.

"They will enable a public servant in a government department to dictate farming practices and change the rules as they see fit, and will require those who work alongside of farmers as suppliers, millers or agronomists, to keep records on who buys what, and hand the data over when requested."

Mr Christensen said the proposed laws were more about "winning green votes in city seats than science".

"They are a complete slap in the face for our farmers who are struggling with any number of issues already," he said.

"The cumulative effect of low world sugar prices and rising electricity and water costs could lead to cane farmers exiting the industry en masse.

"This will not only be devastating for farming families but for workers in sugar mills, in sugar transportation and at our ports."

A petition is available at www.dontcaneourfarmers.com.