His recent history included 12 drink driving offences.
His recent history included 12 drink driving offences.

'Dreadful' Toowoomba driver disqualified until 2025

A TOOWOOMBA man who has a "dreadful" traffic history has been banned from getting behind the wheel until 2025.

Ian Harrip fronted the Toowoomba Magistrates Court today where his shocking drink-driving history was revealed.

The court heard how the 59-year-old had blown over the limit 12 times since 2012, including numerous high-range readings.

Harrip was fronting a Magistrate today for again driving under the influence of alcohol.

Toowoomba Courthouse Photo Bev Lacey / The Chronicle
The 59-year-old narrowly avoided spending time behind bars. Bev Lacey

This time, police prosecutor Sergeant Natalie Bugden told the court Harrip was involved in a crash on Miranda St earlier this year, despite being subject to a driving ban.

Segeant Bugden said Harrip denied he was driving the car, despite a witness taking a picture of him behind the wheel in the aftermath of the crash.

Police then submitted him to a breath test where a reading of 0.196 was obtained.

The reading was taken not long after the crash at 9.35am.

"He had left his car at his partner's place before an altercation with her where he was told to take it and leave," his solicitor Clare Graham said.

"It is certainly concerning his alcohol level at that early time in the morning but he said he had been drinking the night before and that morning.

"He does have an admittedly dreadful traffic history."

Harrip pleaded guilty to charges of driving under the influence and driving while subject to a court ordered suspension.

Magistrate Damien Carroll handed down a eight month prison sentence with immediate parole, highlighting how close Harrip had come to serving actual time behind bars.

"This is very concerning I have counted 12 drink drives since 2012, do not do it again or you will end up in there," Magistrate Carroll said pointing to the arrest dock."

Harrip's licence was further suspended until 2025.