RAINY DAYS: Heavy rains and potentially severe storms are on the way for Warwick this week. Photo: Emily Clooney
RAINY DAYS: Heavy rains and potentially severe storms are on the way for Warwick this week. Photo: Emily Clooney

DRENCHING: Warwick set for downpour this week

WARWICK could be set for a drenching this week, with the latest predictions from the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting the region’s highest chances of rainfall in weeks.

According to unofficial forecaster Weatherzone, the Warwick area can expect a 50 - 90 per cent chance of rain every day this week, with as much as 20mm on Saturday and Sunday.

Predictions from the Bureau of Meteorology were more conservative, forecasting a 30 - 80 per cent likelihood of rainfall, with the biggest soaking to come tomorrow.

BOM meteorologist Rosa Hoff said the combination of weather systems would also significantly increase Warwick’s chance of afternoon thunderstorms.

“We could see between six and 25mm tomorrow, and if you’re under the right storm as much as 30mm, but it will ease back on Friday before returning over the weekend,” Ms Hoff said.

“We do have the possibility of seeing severe storms develop potentially today and later on in the week, which could see strong winds in excess of 90km/h, some large hail, and even localised flash flooding.

“Granite Belt will get similar conditions, and Stanthorpe could see about 30mm, up to 40mm if they get a storm, and even more if it’s a large one.”

With this week’s weather heralding the beginning of the summer storm season, Warwick SES local controller John Newley said it was critical residents started preparing now.

“We need good housekeeping around people’s homes – make sure the roof is secure, there’s no blocked gutters, or trees overhanging the house,” Mr Newley said.

“Keeping trampolines and outdoor furniture secure and making sure your pets, especially dogs with their sensitivity to storms, are kept inside or in a secure area.

“Having an emergency supply kit at home with equipment, important documents, bottled water and food, and a radio to listen to emergency broadcasts is also a really good idea.”

In the event of an emergency, call emergency services on triple-0 or the SES on 132 500.


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