Andrew Hoey was runner up in the DAS Contracting Sutton Family Bracket Meeting at Warwick Dragway on Saturday.
Andrew Hoey was runner up in the DAS Contracting Sutton Family Bracket Meeting at Warwick Dragway on Saturday. Warren Jackson

Driver blames age after being beaten by a younger drag racer

DRAG RACING: Warwick District Drag Racing Association member Andrew Hoey blamed age for his opponent's faster reaction time at the DAS Contracting Sutton Family Bracket Series.

There were 80 entries for the final drag meeting before a three-month winter recess.

Hoey has been coming to Warwick Dragway since 2006 or 2007 and reckons he has barely missed a meeting since.

In the bracket series, he is competing in his 1964 EH Holden in the fast street class and it came down to a battle for the win between Hoey and Jason Stoodley.

"He is 30 years younger than I am and he outreacted me in the final,” Hoey said.

"Jason had half a second start and won by .7 of a second.”

Hoey was close to his dial in time in the final on Saturday.

"I dialled in at 6.56 seconds and ran 6.58 seconds.”

With a three-month gap in racing, Hoey said he would have a chance to do some work on his car.

"I will do some maintenance and change a couple of things which will probably make me faster,” he said.

"Other than an occasional trip to Roma, all my drag racing is at Warwick Raceway. I don't race at Willowbank.”

Winning isn't everything at Warwick Dragway.

"We all get on well in fast street,” he said.

When it comes to the Six Banger Nationals in the second half of the year, Hoey competes in the blown turbo class.

"I won my class in 2015,” he said.

When asked about how much horse power his car generated, he has never done a dyno test.

"The car makes what it makes on the day, I just set the car up to suit the conditions and the weather. The conditions were really good on Saturday.”

Association committee member Matt Loy said the Saturday meeting was awesome.

"We had 80 entries and a lot of quality cars and bikes,” he said.

"Brian Thomas travelled from Newcastle to compete in the quick ET class.

We also had entries from as far as St George and Roma.”

Class winners

Quick ET: Winner Benita Marchant, runner up Phil Penny

Fast street: Jason Stoodley, Andrew Hoey

Street: Karl Sundholm, Andrew Faulkner

Drag birke: Garry Kittle, Trent Withers

Young guns: James Lowday, Emma Wagensveld