Emily Peacock operates one of the businesses open in our region.
Emily Peacock operates one of the businesses open in our region. Nev Madsen

Emily’s scary move makes good business sense

MINDING other people's business is good for Emily Peacock's entrepreneurial spirit.

Emily operates one of the 4033 businesses open in our region.

A special Warwick Daily News investigation found most small businesses struggle to turn over $500,000 a year and 67 per cent have no employees.

In the past four years 1513 local businesses have closed, but Comchick Consulting is one of our success stories.

Comchick Consulting provides specialised marketing and promotional services for businesses operating in regional areas, particularly around Warwick, Toowoomba and surrounds.

Emily gave up her gig running managing a radio station to start the firm - and to make things even harder she is a first home-owner, a mother to three children and relatively new to the region.

"The decision to go from two stable incomes to one stable income was really scary, but I am really glad I did it," Emily said.

She said husband Mitchell works full-time, which helped take the pressure off a little but she was hoping the business would grow swiftly.

"It can always do better but it is at a good place," she said.

"There are always challenges that you don't anticipate and that can be hard.

"I am hoping that I can get more clients and to make it even more profitable."

Emily said the hardest part of running a communications consultancy firm was finding businesses who were willing to invest in marketing.

"It is hard for small rural businesses with small turnovers to compete against those who have big budgets and a big online presence," she said. - NewsRegional