Australian Staghound, Teddy with Hadley Stockwell, 5 months
Australian Staghound, Teddy with Hadley Stockwell, 5 months

ENTER NOW: Do you own Gladdy’s cutest dog?

TEDDY came into my life at 15 months old. A bad accident around his first birthday meant two months living in the vet surgery only to come within days of a bullet as he wouldn't have been able to run all day to hunt kangaroo.

I gave him one task when I agreed to take him - just be my dog. Teddy had his 12th birthday this month and for all those years he has been the kindest, most caring, hilarious and the biggest, gentlest soul imaginable.

So to kick off The Observer's cutest pooch competition, here is my entry.

Not that Teddy is allowed to win, but if you think your dog is cuter than mine then we'd love to see a photo.

Teddy, the Australian Staghound, or kangaroo dog, is pictured here with my granddaughter, Hadley at five months old last month.

Send a photo of your best friend, even better if you or your children are in the photo, go The Observer's Facebook page and show the world how lovely your dog is.