Ex AFL boss reminds councils: it's all about the people

Margaret de Wit
Margaret de Wit Sarah Harvey

QUEENSLAND councils are set to be better connected with their communities under a new campaign announced today.

Local Government Association of Queensland President Margaret de Wit launched the Better Councils, Better Communities project before hundreds of delegates from councils all over Queensland at the body's Mackay conference.

Mrs de Wit said after surveying residents from all parts of Queensland, people wanted to know more about council initiatives and how their ratepayer dollars were being spent.

"When we asked people in the street about their council, most of them were adequately satisfied," she said.

"But when we asked them about recent council initiatives, they didn't have a clue.

"This campaign will be designed to help us engage with our communities."

Mrs de Wit will release more about the new campaign later today.

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Former AFL boss tells conference it's all about the people

COUNCILS have been given a stern warning to ban the "spin".

That was the message from former Australian Football League chief executive Andrew Demetriou when he spoke at the annual Local Government Association of Queensland conference in Mackay.

Speaking in front of more than 600 councillors and council delegates on Tuesday, the retired North Melbourne winger identified what local governments could learn from the AFL.

When he was at the helm of the AFL, from 2013 to June 2014, he helped grow the organisation into a $3.9 billion industry.

Mr Demetriou said honest and clear communication was far more successful and simple than public relations "spin".

"It's easy to sell the truth," he said.

"If you are not listening to what they want, and taking the view of this is what we think they need, then it doesn't work." 

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