Explosive MH370 doco could spark new probe


Explosive new information, including allegations of government cover-ups about the greatest aviation mystery of all time, is set to be revealed in a Sky News investigative documentary about the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

Almost six years after the plane went missing, MH370: The Untold Story will reveal shocking allegations about what the authorities in Australia and Malaysia really knew and exactly where experts believe the plane can be found.

The Sky News Australia investigation stretches across four continents, with investigative reporter Peter Stefanovic working alongside Ean Higgins, The Australian's award-winning reporter and author of The Hunt for MH370, to piece together the clearest picture yet of the most pressing mystery in aviation history.

The Hunt for MH370. By Ean Higgins.
The Hunt for MH370. By Ean Higgins.

Stefanovic said it is hoped the revelations from the documentary will spark a rethink and a reopening of the search.

"I will reveal the Malaysian government knew what happened to the plane within a week of it going missing - but continued to look in the wrong areas," he said.

"I will also reveal private conversations held between very senior members of the Australian and Malaysian governments," he said.

MH370, a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 carrying 239 passengers, including six Australians, vanished without a trace on March 8, 2014 while on a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Australian Sky News journalist Peter Stefanovic. Picture: Christian Gilles
Australian Sky News journalist Peter Stefanovic. Picture: Christian Gilles


What is thought to be the final flight path of MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean. Picture: Supplied.
What is thought to be the final flight path of MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean. Picture: Supplied.

Its mystery disappearance sparked the most expensive sea search the world has ever seen galvanising the Malaysian, Australian and Chinese authorities.

But despite hundreds of millions of dollars being spent searching, the plane has never been found. Debris, however, believed to be from the plane has been found washed up on beaches off Madagascar as recently as late 2018.

Stefanovic said the two-part special documentary will be compelling.

"It is such an incredible story and you won't be able to look away," he said.

"We travelled to five cities and two countries and spoke to more than a dozen people."

"We have spoken to family members of victims who he said still have an overwhelming sense of emptiness and loss."

The documentary which screens next month recreates everything that is known so far about the mystery flight including possible crash scenarios.

"We talk about the military radar and how the plane was picked up by the radar but the Malaysians didn't do anything about it, because they thought it was a friendly plane," said Stefanovic.


"I also take you inside the cockpit of a flight simulator with an experienced pilot showing you several different scenarios about what might have happened.

Stefanovic said it was an uneasy feeling "watching a plane hurtling at very high speed towards the ocean," saying it was a front-row seat to an awful scenario.

Stefanovic said until now the trail had run cold and authorities have said unless there is new credible evidence the search won't resume.

He hopes the documentary will cause a rethink and a resumption of the search in some way.

"We think it is worth looking at again not just for the victims but for future travellers as well," said Stefanovic.

"The world should know what happened. There is a yearning for the search to resume not just for family members but for the future of travel."

Following the success of Sky News Australia's first locally produced documentaries Bad Blood/New Blood and Lawyer X: The Untold Story, the two-part television event will premiere on Wednesday February 19 and Thursday February 20 at 8:00pm AEDT on Sky News, Foxtel and regional free-to-air channel, Sky News on WIN.