PHOTOS: Weird, wonderful shoes of Falls Festival Byron Bay

WHEN it comes to festival fashion we have seen just about everything in the last few years, including glitter, fish nets and sparkles.

But we never take notice of what people are wearing on their feet and, surprisingly, the humble thong is the winner, with the majority of festival goers opting for that easy, adaptable Australian go-to shoe.

Some people even opted for comfort and fairly normal shoes but then spiced it up with some colourful socks. 

And of course you cant go past boots which offer protection from mud, rain, and the mosh pit, but are also hot and sweaty and could leave your feet all blistered back at the campsite.

Whether it is the horrible notion of having sweaty socks, dusty shoes, blisters, sore ankles or a smashing outfit that matches, it seems everyone has a particular theory about their shoes. 

Trisha Chand, of Toowoomba

Super comfortable and I needed my feet to breathe a bit. They work well.

Kelly Corbett, of Brisbane

I have got these shoes because these are the shoes which I don't mind if something happens to them. Things have already happened to them. I did an ocean survey and they were drenched in algae and they stunk and put them in the shower and they were fine.

Clara Denham, of Brisbane

Docs and I wore them for fashion, practicality, long wear and they go with every outfit.

Gabby Callow, of Brisbane

I don't like wearing socks. That is about it. They are really easy to put on and take off and I really don't like wearing shoes.

Ryan Holding, of Brisbane

The theme I wanted to use was a white rainbow look so I was looking all over the place for rainbow shoes and I saw these and they caught my eye. So I had white boots on the first day, black docs on the second day and then you gotta go rainbow for the last day. My feet are alright now but I don't know how they will go by the end of the night.

Morgan Roberts, of Brisbane,

I've worn my boots two days so far and they are my go to festival shoes. I just grab them from the cupboard. They match all my outfits because I always have white in all my outfits.

Josh Morrison, of Adelaide,

You gotta go comfort more than anything else. You have a three day festival ahead of you and you want to make sure you are comfortable as possible. And you can't do it in sandals and you can't do it in thongs. I use them everywhere but this is the first festival they have been graced with and it is their maiden voyage and they have taken an absolute beating.

Christy Hahns, of Brisbane

I am wearing my brown boots because they are comfy and I think they look cool. I have worn them all three days and no blisters because I band aid. Maybe 10 band aids on each foot. Band aids are the trick.

Alejandia Constellanos, of Columbia,

My shoes I got them from New York and they are just my festival shoes now. This is the first festival I have taken them to. I love them. Super comfy and people like them too. People have commented on them.

Julian Polyglase, of New Zealand,

I'm rocking the Chuck Taylor Twos. I usually wear these at the festivals for comfort and they kinda feel like you are barefoot in a way. They do have the Nike insoles so pretty comfortable in getting around. I've been to Falls in Tasmania with these and there have been a lot of day festivals in Melbourne like Pleasure Gardens. We have other festival shoes for other festivals.

Convenience and waterproof. We bought them here couple days before the festival. We don't wear it at festivals in the US. Usually closed toe shoes, but it is really hot and it is easier with camping and comfort.

Caleb Salizzo, of Gold Coast

It is my outfit. It is socks. Old Wild Rhinos I had lying round are the shoes. But my socks are my everyday attire. I am classical musician, so I perform in these and my socks are my signature thing. A little something bit different. Flowered them with different colours. The glasses have got more attention though. 

Danielle Stewart, of Brisbane, at Falls Festival with her multicoloured socks and silver shoes.