Warwick Vicki Wood

Felt colder this month? It's been chillier than usual

THIS month has been chillier than usual in Warwick with temperatures dropping almost two degrees below the average for August.

The average minimum temperature for Warwick is 3.2 degrees, but this year the average was 1.4 degrees.

"That's due to the predominantly dry air we've had around this month,” Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Harry Clark said.

Warwick dipped to a low of -0.1 degrees this morning, but Applethorpe shivered through a low of -1.3 degrees.

Ice may have covered cars around town this morning but Jack Frost may not be paying many more visits to Warwick.

Mr Clark said there was a chance of another frosty morning tomorrow, but then the minimum temperatures would warm up.

"The winds turn more to the north west ahead of a trough coming through on Saturday,” he said.

"That warmer air mass will push the minimums up a little bit.”

Warwick is expected to dip to a minimum of three degrees on Friday before warming to six degrees on Saturday.

Mr Clark said frost could appear in a few areas over the next couple of weeks, but it would be light.

"There's a chance of a little patch of frost here and there, probably will see a bit of frost in those usual frost areas but we're not looking widespread at this stage,” he said.

Mr Clark said September was looking like being warmer than average for both minimum and maximum temperatures.

But rainfall isn't looking to be higher than average.

The best chance Warwick residents have of seeing some rain would be late on Friday night or in the early hours of Saturday morning.

"I wouldn't expect too much in it, it's going to be moving pretty quickly,” Mr Clark said.