Police were nearby when the fight broke out
Police were nearby when the fight broke out Jonno Colfs

Fight in Leslie Park seen from the cenotaph by police

A DETECTIVE at the Vietnam Veterans' Day Remembrance Service intervened when a fight broke out 60 metres away at 10.50am Sunday at Leslie Park.

There was a fight between two men before Detective Senior Sergeant Darren Tamblyn left the service and arrested a 49-year-old man from Warwick.

Police said the man was taken to the Warwick Watchhouse and was going to be released with two infringement notices fining him $800.

One notice was for public nuisance and the other for obstructing police.

Det. Snr Sgt Tamblyn was representing police at the ceremony and was to lay a wreath.

The second man involved in the fight was from Warwick.

The fight was on the walking path north west of the cenotaph across Leslie Park and had nothing to do with the ceremony.