Fingers crossed for federal funds

THE plans are drawn, the sums done and the agreement made that the carnage at the infamous Eight Mile intersection should stop.

All we are waiting on is the money to make it happen.

The intersection has claimed the lives of many - three people died at the intersection since the 2009 upgrade.

And four other Warwick residents were killed in crashes in its vicinity since 2008.

Warwick Road Safety Group chairman Graham Buchner reckons a proper fix for the Eight Mile has been put in the too-hard basket for too long.

"They have been putting band-aids on the problem and need to bite the bullet," Mr Buchner said.

He said to his knowledge there had never been a specific figure for the cost of a fly-over.

"They have just been pussy-footing around, it would cost at least $15 million by the time they resumed the land and did the work," he said.

Cr Blundell and our region's leaders hope that the intersection makes the Federal Government Budget, when it is released on Tuesday night.

He said the upgrade would never happen without the support of the Federal Government.

The ultimate upgrade at the intersection was among the mayor's top hopes in this year's Federal Budget.

The mayor said he was well aware of the challenges the Federal Government faced when it came to budget time.

But he said he was working on the theory that the squeaky wheel got the oil.

Cr Blundell also hopes to see funding for Emu Swamp Dam, funding for the connection of natural gas to Warwick, more money for regional sporting and cultural facilities and funding to replace water and waste water infrastructure.

"These projects have been on our waiting lists for some time now and we are keen to see them progress," he said.

"I am well aware of the budget issues the Federal government faces and their need to keep it tight.

"But I am not going to miss out on an opportunity to highlight the projects we still need funding for."

Cr Blundell said it would be great to see at least one of the six locations submitted to the Mobile Black Spot Program fixed selected during the budget process.

Local member for Southern Downs Lawrence Springborg said the federal government had a big task ahead of them.

"The government has a lot of work to do to repair the mess left behind by the Labor government," Mr Springborg said.

In an ideal world Mr Springborg said it would be great to see funding for Emu Swamp Dam and an upgrade to the Eight Mile intersection just past Warwick.

"They are both major issues in our region," he said.

Mr Springborg said he did not expect funding to be allocated this year.

Instead he wants to see both projects on the Federal Government's forward estimates list.