BIRD'S EYE VIEW: An aerial shot of the fire burning through Girraween National Park.
BIRD'S EYE VIEW: An aerial shot of the fire burning through Girraween National Park. QFES

Fire likened to staring out at 'Gold Coast city lights'

A WALLANGARRA resident has recounted a sleepless, scary night after the inferno took off at the end of his road.

Scott Williams, who lives at Happy Valley Rd, described the scene as like "looking out at all the Gold Coast city lights".

"At one stage I had a drum of water on the back of my ute and I was sort of just putting out grass fires.

"The fireys were at Paling Yard Rd extinguishing what they could on one side of the fence and eventually they had to come around to where I was because I couldn't do much at all."

Mr Williams was also forced to shift a vehicle on the verge of going up in flames.

"I came across a ute at the end of Paling Yard Rd.

"The fire was right up to the ute so I got out and went back to it and it still had the keys in," he said.

"I started it up and moved it a few hundred metres away.

"The owner was out making a fire break and didn't realise the danger the car was in.

"My immediate attention was brought to the fact it had one gigantic fuel cell on the back of it."

He said it was a frightening night for he and his family.

"I didn't go to bed until after 3am this morning (Wednesday).

"We've got our car packed up, valuables in the car, I've got my boat out the front hooked up ready in case we get told to go.

"I walked outside last night and looked to the east and it was like we were looking at all the city lights at the Gold Coast.

"It was just a big, big light show. Was definitely scary. Some people probably didn't sleep.

"There's a young lady up the street with a little baby and she asked us what to do. I said 'fill your car up, turn it in the right direction and be ready to go'."

Mr Williams praised the fireys for their efforts, saying if not for them several properties would have already been lost.

- Matthew Purcell, Stanthorpe Border Post