Don't be a fool, check your smoke alarm.
Don't be a fool, check your smoke alarm. Blainey Woodham /

Fire safety is no April Fools joke

FIRE SAFETY is no joke, with Fire and Emergency Services urging people to check household smoke alarms today, April Fools Day.

Station Officer Darren Welsh at Warwick Fire Station said that the Annual Event uses the prominent April Fool's date to ensure people remember to check their smoke alarms and replace batteries regularly.

"If the battery goes flat and the alarm is not wired electrically then the alarm is useless," Mr Welsh said.

The lifesaving devices are designed to detect fires in the early stages of ignition, allowing people to extinguish fires or evacuate safely.

"If you're asleep in the middle of the night and a fire starts, smoke will send you into a deeper sleep," Mr Welsh said.

"But with working alarms, they will alert people to the fire and allow them to get out safely."

All homes, including rental properties, have been legally required to be fitted with working smoke alarms since July 2007.

Alarms with photoelectric detectors are now recommended as they are able to detect fires in their earliest stages, without being overly sensitive to cooking smoke.

Mr Welsh said that it is a matter of saving lives.

"You really need to think about who is living there and how you can protect them and prepare for a fire, in the worst case scenario when the detectors do go off," he said.

Don't be an April fool - take the time today to check smoke alarms are working and replace batteries and any detectors that are more than ten years old.