GREEN WITH GLEE: The Weeping Mulberry owner Duanne Karle opens his door.
GREEN WITH GLEE: The Weeping Mulberry owner Duanne Karle opens his door. Tessa Flemming

FIRST LOOK: The Weeping Mulberry opens its doors

THE WEEPING Mulberry officially opened its doors yesterday, after what seemed like a lifetime of waiting for owner Duanne Karle.

The garden-cafe-interior design hybrid, has been getting ready since March, but for Mr Karle, the idea had been in the works for much longer than that.

"It's been my vision for over 20 years,” Mr Karle said.

"I thought I would be stressed yesterday when we opened but I was surprised, I was really calm because it was finally here.”

Mr Karle, who had slowly been building excitement for the opening through Facebook and Instagram, was still amazed by the enthusiasm for the store and his renovation of the old Parmalat building.

"Even people who I know and who had seen some sneak peeks were pretty amazed,” he said.

"The building it so big and a bit deceptive from the front.

"It's a plain facade but then you open up the door and it's completely different.”

Customer Chloe Grant agreed that Mr Karle's unique take made the store intriguing, even those without a green thumb.

"It's so cool and different,” Miss Grant said.

"I'm not that big of a gardener but Duanne is lovely and I'm happy to support a business that helps others.”

And Mr Karle hoped to continue to going beyond customer expectations.

"I wanted the store to be like my gardens, with screens and hidden rooms” he said.

"I wanted it to be a surprise.”

Mr Karle's store is the first in a planned precinct transformation for the old factory.