FIGHTING FIT: Retired police officer Eric Hopper shares weight loss tips with daughter Susan Burgess.
FIGHTING FIT: Retired police officer Eric Hopper shares weight loss tips with daughter Susan Burgess.

FIT AT 90: How Warwick's golden oldies are racing ahead

WARWICK has passed the title of Queensland's fattest city on to neighbouring Toowoomba and our golden oldies may be the ones to thank for helping us shed the label.

Retired police officer Eric Hopper turned 90 on Sunday and shows no sign of slowing down.

As the only male member of Warwick Weight Crunchers, Mr Hopper enjoys sharing matter-of-fact health tips learned over a lifetime of experience.

"Oh ladies, just eat properly,” he told them.

"I don't know why you go on about dieting.”

Group founder and daughter Susan Burgess said her dad grew up in an era when it was "full cream everything” but learned to say no to certain temptations.

"He said if you eat the best stuff in small quantities you're pretty right,” she said.

On a recent trip to Japan, Mr Hopper surprised Mrs Burgess by storming to the top of temple steps.

"He did 80 steps in one day and he was waiting for me at the top,” she said.

"I was struggling.”

The weight watching group includes a number of older members who get together to share healthy recipes, enjoy local walking tracks and cheer each other on without the pressure sometimes put on by gym crowds.

Members meet at 9am every Monday at Oak Tree Retirement Village and on average lose about 3 kilograms each week.

With exercise being another important component of keeping the weight down, Warwick's Social Tennis Club president Luitha Pike said she doesn't understand why the younger generation aren't joining her on the courts.

"I don't know what's wrong with people these days,” she said.

"The younger ones just don't seem to want to do anything.”

Mrs Pike moved to Warwick 36 years ago and joined the club within a week of unpacking her tennis gear.

She said daily exercise was the key to a long and healthy life.

"It has has kept me fit,” she said.

"I don't sit down and do nothing.”

The avid player said the club would love younger Warwick residents to join and experience the joy of making friends through exercise.

"We have a beautiful, central tennis court and we want to get people interested.” she said.

"We're struggling at the moment and membership is dropping,” she said.

The club meets every Thursday and Friday morning at the tennis court on Stanley Avenue.