Ash Barty in the Federation Cup this year.
Ash Barty in the Federation Cup this year. Franca Tigani

Forget Folau furore, time to focus on humble queens

Netball Chat with Linda Bunch

HAPPILY, Australian tennis player Ash Barty earned her world number one ranking and delightfully represents Australia with true sportsmanship and humble ways.

Being honoured to have her name mentioned in the same sentence as previous world number one Australian tennis great Evonne Goolagong Cawley suggests she is a leader and a sports representative worthy of our accolades and support now and into the future.

Joining with Ash, Hannah Green (golf) and Sally Fitzgibbons (surfing) recent achievements have my Aussie flag proudly flying high. The flip side is the Israel Folau debacle.

This has turned into a farce to cover an employee being sacked for breaking his employment contract after being issued warnings.

I see absolutely no variation to a retail worker being issued the required warnings and then sacked accordingly.

I cannot picture Rugby Australia sacking a player without ensuring the boxes where ticked and said contract was consulted with the proverbial fine-tooth comb.

Suncorp Super Netball Round 7 game Fever verses Giants ended with a controversial draw after a goal on full-time was not allowed.

The controversy related to the venue clock showing seconds remained whilst the umpires had called full-time.

Personally I don't understand why there is such uproar as at every level of netball it is the umpire's whistle which stops a game and not the venue siren.

My understanding is the venue clock at high level games is a player and spectator guide only and most certainly not the game's official timing system.

Umpires wear a wrist buzzer which is activated by the official timing personnel and system.

Not surprisingly the drawn game score has been upheld, and personnel support and system updates are to be adopted.