YOUNG TALENT: Ryan, 7,  and Felicity King, 8, explore their creativity.
YOUNG TALENT: Ryan, 7, and Felicity King, 8, explore their creativity. Elyse Wurm

Former landscape gardener turned cartoonist visits Rose City

HE'S been a landscape gardener, labourer and carpet layer, but Phil Judd found his true love in cartooning and visited Warwick this week to pass on some drawing tips.

Mr Judd hosted three cartoon-drawing workshops at Warwick Art Gallery on Wednesday, teaching children to draw cute pets, dragons and monsters.

For seven-year-old Ryan King, drawing monsters is one of his favourite hobbies but he enjoyed learning to draw a dragon.

"Most of the time I draw monsters because I really like to draw monsters,” he said.

Cartoonist Phil Judd from Comic-Express hosts workshops at Warwick Art Gallery.
Cartoonist Phil Judd from Comic-Express shares tips for drawing dragons at Warwick Art Gallery. Elyse Wurm

Published in Australian Women's Weekly, Reader's Digest and Drum Media, Mr Judd is the owner of Brisbane-based business Comic-Express and has been drawing professionally for the past 15 years.

He said cartoons were a simple way to express ideas and a good way for children to learn how to relax.

"The process of creating engages the mind and imagination, as well as fine motor skills, it's all engaged,” he said.

"I like to see it when a child who thinks they can't draw can see what they come up with.”

Mr Judd said drawing also helped build confidence, but it wasn't only for children.

"It's as good for adults as it is for children,” he said.

"I think everyone can draw, it's just getting past that block.”