Warwick shivers through its coldest morning of 2017.
Warwick shivers through its coldest morning of 2017. Contributed

SUB ZERO: Coldest morning of 2017

ICE is being scraped from windscreens this morning as Warwick wakes up to its coldest morning of 2017.

At 6.30am the mercury was a frozen -3.7 degrees and at 7.30 was -1.5.

The below zero temperatures started at 1.30am and stayed there right through the morning hours dipping down to around the -3 degree mark from 5am.

In comparison Applethorpe only recorded a low of -2.3 this morning.

The cold clear mornings are expected to hang around for the next three or four days.

Today's top is expected to climb to 21 degrees and sunny.

Tomorrow will start off with another 0 degree morning followed by a sunny top of 20.

Wednesday will be much the same with a minimum of zero and a top of 21.

From Thursday, minimum temperatures will start to climb a little from two degrees on Thursday and Friday to four degrees on Saturday and five on Sunday.

Maximums will also rise with 23 forecast for Saturday and a very warm 25 degrees forecast for Sunday.