New WDN journo Chris Lines.
New WDN journo Chris Lines. Bianca Hrovat

Fresh face joins the team to share your stories

MY NAME is Chris Lines and I moved to Warwick from another regional town called Adelaide after getting the job here at the Daily News.

I am a music enthusiast and hope to one day take my career to the States, with the bustling cultural hub of Los Angeles being a major goal.

Before coming to Warwick Daily News I did freelance work for a publication called TEO Magazine, which deals in fashion and old-school heavy metal.

On my days off you will catch me scouring the town for somewhere nice to eat or sitting in my new home on King St with some earphones in.

I decided to get into journalism as a way to utilise my writing skills while also feeding my endless hunger for knowledge and new experiences, a drive that brought me to the cosy confines of Warwick.

As journalists, we are often the middle ground between information and the public consensus, and as such I believe we have a responsibility to write factually and without personal biases.

I look forward to hearing and telling your stories, and hope I can be a worthy and trusted source for your lovely town.