NEW BEGINNING: Hannah Kennedy and Lachlan McLeish, of Beachport Liquid Minerals, at the company's stall at the Warwick Rodeo and Campdraft.
NEW BEGINNING: Hannah Kennedy and Lachlan McLeish, of Beachport Liquid Minerals, at the company's stall at the Warwick Rodeo and Campdraft. Sean Teuma

Fresh role for Warwick's McLeish

A PASSION for the agricultural world has landed a Warwick local a historic position with a company on the rise.

Lachlan McLeish recently took up the newly created role of NSW regional manager for Beachport Liquid Minerals, afamily-owned company thatmanufactures and distributes liquid livestock supplements for cattle, sheep and horses.

The 21-year-old said he was honoured to have been asked into the position.

"It was very exciting when they asked me to see the operations of the business,” Mr McLeish said.

"I was with the boss for a week, who showed me what they do and how they interact with clients.

"To see how highly respected they were and how they treat clients made me want to be a part of it.”

The role is the first of its kind for the company in NSW and Mr McLeish said it was special to be a part of it.

"They've never had the NSW position before,” he said.

"In the last 12 months they've grown by 80 per cent alone and they needed someone to service the area.

"I'm hoping to get to as many people on board as I can, continue to get the Beachport name out there and let people know there is someone they can contact in the region.

"I'm looking forward to working my way through and making the most of what I can do in the exciting position. I'mlooking forward to continuing my learning from the company.

"It's definitely something I'm proud of, especially because I'm only 21. Not many people my age get an opportunity to take on a role like this.”

Mr McLeish has Southern Downs blood running throughhis veins, having completed his primary schooling at Karara State School before moving to the Gold Coast to board at Southport.

After graduating high school, Mr McLeish began tostudy at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, undertaking a Bachelor of Industrial Design.

"Industrial design was something I was interested in at the time,” he said.

"Then I moved on to working on yachts and catamarans on the Gold Coast but then the chance to work in a field I know a lot more about came up.

"I've now been here for a month.”

Mr McLeish is the son of Elders northern wool manager and Karara Wild Dog group member Bruce McLeish, who has had a large involvement in agriculture fields within the Southern Downs.

He said having a big family involvement helped to spur an interest at a young age, as well as prompting visits to the Sheep Sale at the Warwick Saleyards.

"Living on a sheep property got me involved when I was young,” Mr McLeish said.

"Heading down there had a lot to do with what Dad did.

"My family would constantly go to things like that and I was able to learn a lot from my family.

"Whenever I wasn't at school or away and they hadsheep, there I would come.

"It was always interesting to see how our livestock was going to be auctioned off compared to others.

"It was a great way of meeting people as well and I always found the auctioneering side of things interesting.”