Gatton’s animal lover cop makes waves on social media

WHEN she saw a turtle inches from a grim situation, Gatton Police's Constable Kimberly Allen couldn't simply drive past and do nothing.

She was driving with her colleague Senior Constable Patrick Bennet along a road in Laidley when they noticed the animal.

"We were patrolling the area and there was a turtle who went to cross the road so I put the lights on and pulled over," Const Allen said.

"We had to put him in the back seat."

Before she began working as a police officer, Const Allen volunteered at the RSPCA and she has always considered herself to be an animal lover.

"I thought he would be looking for water and he's going to be squished because it's a double-lane road - I had to turn around and get him," she said.

"There was another squashed turtle on the other side of the road."

The two officers took the turtle two kilometres down the road to a dam near Patrick Street.

"I actually got caught on the barbed wire fence trying to free him so my partner got a bit of a giggle out of it," she said.

Snr Const Bennet snapped a picture of Const Allen rescuing the turtle and, since then, the picture has been shared across social media.

"That photo has spread really quickly," Const Allen said.